The twin worlds of Anthope are remarkable in that they're, well, twin worlds. The two planets are very similar in environmental properties and even some wildlife, and they orbit each other as well as their star.

Physical Characteristics

Anthope consists of two sister planets, called Anthope α and Anthope β. These two worlds orbit eachother. Both worlds have similar terrain; the seas are green, as is the sky, and the vegetation is purple. Each of the worlds is like a vast jungle.


Anthope α and Anthope β orbit eachother, but they also have shared and individual satellites... that aren't worth mentioning here.


There is no native sentient life on either of the Anthope worlds. The most noteable race from the twin worlds, though, is the Anthopie; a massive, six-legged reptilian thing with average lengths of about 30m from head to tail. They're big. Lingons have settled on and claimed Anthope for their own, as its environmental conditions are somewhat similar to those on their homeworld of Lingonite.


The monsters on Anthope are varied and mainly high-level.

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