The Curator of the Aeropolis Museum seems upset that his museum doesn't have many Ancient Artefacts to show. He hinted that he'd pay well for any that you could bring to him from your dungeon crawls.

In-game description

Ancient Artefacts is a Quest in the MARDEK series.

More info

Walkthrough There are 10 Ancient Artefacts spread throughout the game, and bringing them to the Curator nets you some nice rewards.
Rewards There are various amounts of Gold rewarded for each artefact:
  • The Sun Idol: 10000G
  • The Reptoid Spearhead: 8000G
  • The Talisman of SHUMBRA: 15000G
  • The Ancient Pot: 1200G
  • The Ancient Runestone: 900G
  • The Droma Arm: 3700G
  • The Talisman of CRYSOOSUNA: 15000G
  • The Tiki Mask: 6600G
  • The Talisman of VOLKOS: 15000G
  • The Talisman of KROGHMM: 15000G

Furthermore, for each 2 artefacts brought to the museum, the Curator gives an item.

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