Aldea is a town of mages in Deliverance.


Chapter 4

Peregrin and the player visit the town after going through the Crystal Marsh, where it becomes nightfall. They see that the town is overrun by zombies, and head to the graveyard where they encounter Aurelia, a white mage who intends to stop the invasion. She joins the party, and they proceed into the catacombs in the graveyard, where they confront Tattoo. He explains that he invaded the town out of his hatred for humans, who have killed his family. They manage to defeat him and stop the invasion. Outside, Aurelia temporarily leaves the party. Peregrin and the player visit Aurelia's father and ask him about the whereabouts of the player's companions. He thinks that they may be in Tropicia, but also says that the village is blocked by an impassable forest. He explains to the party that they need the Crystal of Air in order to fly above the forest, and gives them a key to the Howlwood, which leads to the Temple of Air. After the party leaves his house, Aurelia decides to join them again.


Aldea contains an item shop, a weapon and spell forge, an inn, a library containing most of the world's knowledge, a graveyard and catacombs, and many magic shops.


Item Shop

Left Merchant (Items)

  • Potion
  • MugwortJuice
  • Ether
  • Antidote
  • HolyWater
  • LiquidLight

Right Merchant (Equipment)

  • Iron Sword (IronBlade + WingedHilt)
  • Greatsword (IronGreatblade + WingedHilt)
  • Iron Axe (IronAxe + MahoganyGrip)
  • Iron Spear (IronSpeartip + IronShaft)
  • Blue Wand (BlueWandCrystal + MahoganyGrip)
  • Fire Staff (FireFragment + BronzeShaft + FireOpal)


  • IronBlade
  • IronGreatblade
  • IronAxe
  • IronSpeartip
  • WingedHilt
  • HandGuard
  • GnarledHilt
  • IronShaft
  • MahoganyGrip
  • FireOpal
  • Topaz
  • Jade
  • Aquamarine
  • Onyx
  • Moonstone
  • Candriahope
  • Wispstone

Magic Shops


  • Flame I Tome
  • Flame II Tome
  • Boost Tome
  • Burn Tome


  • Bubble I Tome
  • Bubble II Tome
  • Clear Mind Tome


  • Stone I Tome
  • Stone II Tome
  • Heal Tome
  • Poison Gas Tome


  • Bolt I Tome
  • Bolt II Tome
  • Accelerate Tome
  • Gale Cut Tome


  • Cure I Tome
  • Purify Tome


  • Atra I Tome
  • Atra II Tome
  • Curse Tome
  • Blind Tome


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