Akhmed Wobblescimitare is a minor character in MARDEK Chapter 3. He is a playwright who writes for a theatre in Aeropolis.


Wobblescimitare has written a play, which is seen by Mardek, Elwyen and Deugan after Qualna is defeated. His play is a generic, stereotypical-like parody of the previous chapter of MARDEK. The casting of the play is:

However, his play is spoiled by the jealous Bernard, who wanted to play GALARIS. Instead of an actor, he sends to a stage a real zombie (known as the Zombie Actor). He is luckily stopped by the cooperation of Mardek, Elwyen, Bartholio, and Aalia.



  • Wobblescimitare's last name is a parody of Shakespeare; 'wobble' is a synonym to 'shake', while 'scimitar' and 'spear' are both melee weapons.
  • GALARIS is a god of death. In the play, he parodies Moric.
  • Mardek and Elwyen didn't have to pay for a ticket, because Elwyen helped Wobblescimitare with story of the play.
  • Wobblescimitare is the only human on Belfan who has no surname prefix.
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