Aether (Also called Æther and Ether) is the stuff that souls and incorporeal beings are made of. It has no material form, but can potentially alter or affect matter.

Aether people are very rare; their souls could be described as the 'most pure', in that they've not been tinted by any other element. Because of this, they tend towards balance... though it could also be said that they have a choice of what to be. They have the potential to act like any other element, and the potential to change in massive ways that certain elemental people would be incapable of. In addition, they can control other elements at a certain degree.

Supposedly, Aether and Fig do not have any sort of weakness or strength against each other. However, almost every Aether-elemental monster in MARDEK has a corresponding Fig weakness, and vice versa (also, Carpioneiros is weak to both Aether and Fig, even though it is Fig-elemental.) The two exceptions to the rule, the Master Stone and Annihilator:Karnos, also happen to be the only two monsters that can change elements at will. Even so, the Master Stone still has a Fig weakness when it is Aether-elemental. This is likely done to make battles more manageable, as a means of 'nerfing' otherwise-powerful monsters, however, there are still very few ways to attack with either of those elements.

People of the Aether element

Aether-elemental enemies



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