The Aeropolis Shaman is a character in MARDEK.


The Aeropolis Shaman stands out amongst the shamans of Belfan for his laid-back, casual, party-loving attitude... He's younger than most of the shamans, and doesn't seem to take his duty as seriously, caring more about fun than the balance of nature. Or so it seems.
However, in truth, whenever a difficult situation arises, he is quick to take up his duty and act serious to deal with it very professionally.


If Mardek talks to him with Gloria in the party, he'll reveal to location of the Fire Crystal and marks Crimson Peak on the world map. He's also featured in Akhmed Wobblescimitare's play. He plays the role of GALARIS, which is essentially Moric mistaken as a deity.


Unlike the other shamans of Belfan, the Aeropolis Shaman is very casual and appears unconcerned with things. Often in a conversation he implies multiple sexual references. For example, he arranges a monthly shaman party where he gathers all the shamans of Belfan. However, this has caused many disasters to happen due to the absence of shamans in regions. It is usually taken care of though. Despite this, he is able to quickly act on a serious situation and handle it very effectively.


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