The "Jewel of the South" is the largest city on the continent of Fengue. It is said that all travellers pass through here at some point, being the nexus of trade that it is.

At its heart is the Air Temple, which contains the Air Crystal. The city is divided into several districts, including grand temples, palaces, museums, marketplaces, and so forth.

Encyclopaedia description

Aeropolis is a large city in Belfan. It is first visited by Mardek and his allies during the events of MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones. The city appears as a large Arabian style city that is a centre of trade.

Important Citizens


Aeropolis is revealed after recruiting Gloria. Meraeador needs to visit its library in order to borrow the ★ Necromantic Tome, which will help him create Legion later. In the library, Meraeador is told by the librarian that the book was borrowed by a peculiar man named Saul, who has not returned it for quite some time. She allows Mardek's party to find him in the Canonia Woods and get him to return the book. After they do so, the librarian allows the party to keep the book forever.

When Gloria speaks to the Aeropolis Shaman, he reveals the location of the Fire Crystal of Belfan in the Fire Temple within Crimson Peak, the volcano to the south.

Later, the party enters the city's Yalortian Monastery, where they see Vehrn talking to High Priest Vudu. He is sent to retrieve an item from the Lost Monastery deep within the Lifewood. Vudu orders Vehrn to allow Mardek's party to assist him. When they return, they give the ★ Monastery Stone to Vudu, who gives the party a ★ Runestone Fragment, allowing them to enter the Earth Temple.

Zach can be recruited for 10,000 coins in the local pub. (However, it's optional if recommended.)

After collecting three of the Elemental Crystals, the party goes to the Air Temple in the city to retrieve the Air Crystal of Belfan. Inside, Priestess Gail says that the crystal is completely protected and does not require the party to retrieve it for safekeeping. However, there is also a Royal Knight and his assistant inside, who tell Mardek and his allies to confront the King of Goznor, who has been acting strange lately.

After defeating Qualna, Mardek and Elwyen go to see a play by Akhmed Wobblescimitare at the local theatre.


Aeropolis is divided into multiple districts, each having a specific theme.

Market Street

Market Street contains most of the city's shops.

District of the Mind

The District of the Mind contains locations that stimulate the mind, including a magic shop.

Shaman's residence

The Aeropolis Shaman lives here. Shaman Reagents (e.g. Mugwort, Bitterleaf) can be bought from him.


The theatre is initially blocked by a guard and can only be entered after defeating Qualna. This is where Mardek and Elwyen see the play written by Akhmed Wobblescimitare. Tickets cost 1000 coins each, but Elwyen helped in MARDEK Chapter 3: Keystones so she is able to get in for free.


Main article: Ancient Artefacts

The Aeropolis Museum houses many artefacts relating to Belfan's history. However, at first, all of the exhibits in the museum were collected by the Curator. As a sidequest, he asks Mardek to find Ancient Artefacts, special plot items, and rewards him for doing so.

Temple District

The Temple District contains all of the city's temples for the various religions of the world. The Sultan's Palace is also here, but can't be entered.

Temple of SOLAK

This small temple only has one priest in it, who is quite depressed that he is not a priest of YALORT.

Temple of Air

This temple is guarded by Priestess Gail, who guards the Air Crystal from tampering. She refuses the party entry to the temple proper until all other crystals have been gathered. This temple isn't actually the real Air Temple; it only contains a portal to the Air Temple.

Temple of YALORT

This larger temple of YALORT hosts 2 cultlings. Vehrn can be met here for the first time in the chapter, assigned to find a Yalortian monastery in Lifewood by High Priest Vudu. This location must be visited in order to recruit Vehrn and to go to the Monastery and therefore the Earth Temple.


The slums are home to thugs and shady businesses. The player can accept a mission to deal with 20 thugs (by any means necessary. Talk with your fists, not your mouth) and can then get a medal. There are also a few shops there, one of which can only be found after getting the Thief Key. These include the key needed to go to the Miasmal Citadel, so the player should go there as soon as the get the 4 Miasmal Chalices. Remember, always beat up 100 monsters before you complete the Temples (100 in the Dark Temple (not the Sandflow caves or the Solakian Temple), 100 in the Earth Temple (not the Lifewood), 100 in the Fire Temple (not the Volcano), 100 in the Water Temple (not the bottom of Lake Qur).

Monster formations

Random (Slums):

  • Thug x1
  • Thug x2
  • Thug x3



Pedlar near entrance, Market Street

"Ho there, dirty foreigners! Want to buy something from this humble pedlar of trinkets! I surely have some kind of family to feed!"

Item Price (G)
16× Potion 30
Remedy 500
Water Essence 1,000
Human Skull 300
Phage Crystal 400
Old Bone 100
Mugwort 600
M Runestone 2,000
Noxious Bomb 1,000
Silver Ore 9,000

Item shop, Market Street

"Greetings, foreign knight! It gladdens me to see you step into my humble establishment with bags of cash! Please, look around, tell me if you see anything that you would like to purchase."

Item Price (G)
BetterPotion 120
MugwortJuice 250
Antidote 20
MotionPotion 20
HolyWater 20
LiquidSound 20
LiquidLight 20
BalloonJuice 20
Remedy 500
Manaberry 200
Ether 600
PhoenixDown 500

Gope's shop, Market Street

Main article: Gope.

Back alley pedlar, southwest Market Street

"I'm lurking in a back alley, so you know you can trust me! What untrustworthy guy would ask you to trust him?! None!! Anyway, buy something, filthy whitewashed foreigners!"

Item Price (G)
Emerald Bangle 25,000
Aquamarine 800
Water Essence 1,000
Air Essence 1,000
Fire Essence 1,000
P Runestone 2,000
LeadPipe 25
Light Essence 1,000

Armour Shop, northwest Market Street

"Your clothes are sickeningly ugly, foreigners! Who DRESSES you in your strange alien countries?! Your slaves' daughters? They're idiots!! You need to buy some of my trendier armours so then people don't throw rocks at you for looking so ridiculous! Even though your appearance would look the same whatever you have equipped! Buy some anyway!"

Item Price (G)
Magic Shirt 10,000
Iron Armour 8,000
Gold Shield 8,000

Weapon shop, northwest Market Street

"He-llooooo! Would you like to purchase some instruments of death, dear foreigners? I'm not surprised, what with you being barbaric savages and all!"

Item Price (G)
Aeropolitan Scimitar 12,000
Desert Spear 8,500
Mighty Axe 9,000
Two Moons 11,000
Air Staff 8,200

Pedlar in front of armour shop, Market Street

"Don't buy the shoddy goods from this shady establishment behind me! Buy MY goods instead! They're totally legit! C'mon, you can trust me!"

Item Price (G)
Bronze Sword 350
Iron Spear 500
Fish Scales 50
Water Essence 1,000
Human Skull 300
LeadPipe 25
★ Ancient Pot 1,000
Ruby 20,000
Moonstone 800
Onyx 800
12× Topaz 800
FireOpal 800
BloodOpal 3,000
Turquoise 12,000

Bazaar, northeast Market Street

"What do YOU want?! Wares to buy? I'll give YOU wares to buy! BUT NOT FOR FREE!!"

Item Price (G)
Elixir 9,999
16× MugwortJuice 250
Xantusian Scimitar 7,000
Pike 50
Magic Poker 36,000
Starmetal Blade 50,000
Snakemail 21,000
Night Jacket 10,000
FirePendant 300
WaterPendant 300
AirPendant 300
EarthPendant 300
Amethyst Earring 3,000

Magic Shop, District of the Mind

"Hiii. How are you today? Good. That's good. What would you like to purchase?"

Item Price (G)
Azure Stole +2 17,800
Azure Stole +4 34,000
Azure Stole +6 68,000
Green Stole +2 17,800
Green Stole +4 34,000
Green Stole +6 68,000
Scarlet Stole +2 17,800
Scarlet Stole +4 34,000
Scarlet Stole +6 68,000
Fire Essence 1,000
Water Essence 1,000
10× Air Essence 1,000
Earth Essence 1,000
Dark Essence 1,000
Light Essence 1,000
Aether Essence 2,000
Fig Essence 2,000
Candriathope 12,000
Sheet Music VI 10,000

Shaman, District of the Mind

"Radical! I'll get out mine, and you get out yours, and we'll look over eachothers'! Oh man! That sounded like SEXUAL or something! We could always do THAT if you wanted...? No? Ah well, your loss, dude. Now, let's trade our gross nature stuff."

Item Price (G)
Acid Seed 80
Leaf of Life 300
Mugwort 600
Bitterleaf 600

Item Shop, Temple District

"I sell things! Buy buy buy!!!"

Item Price (G)
10× Elixir 9,999
20× FigJuice 1,000
PhoenixPinion 9,999
10× Speedy Juice 2,500
10× Angry Juice 2,500
10× Healthy Juice 2,500
30× Alchemist's Fire 500
30× Really Cold Water 500
30× Bottle O' Acid 500
30× Liquid Lightning 500
Noxious Bomb 1,000

Pedlar next to Yalortian Monastery, Temple District

"I promise that I'm totally affiliated with the Temple of YALORT here! When you buy my legit holy goods, all the funds will go to the, uh, Save The Paladins fund! So c'mon, gimme yer cash!"

Item Price (G)
YalortianAmulet 5,000
Yalortian Robe 22,000
Elixir 9,999
Fish Scales 50
Water Essence 1,000
Drak Fang 1,200
LeadPipe 25
Nightcap 80
Silver Ore 9,000

Antiques Shop, Slums

Notice This shop sells missable items from previous chapters.

"Greetings. I specialise in what you could call...'antiques'. I sell things that adventurers DIDN'T collect when they should have done, which were brought here by bandits instead. See anything you want?"

Item Price (G)
★ Trilobite Key I 1,000
★ Trilobite Key II 1,000
★ Trilobite Key III 1,000
★ Trilobite Key IV 1,000
Boneslicer 2,000

Bandit Shop, Slums

Notice This shop requires a Bandit Key to enter, which is dropped by the Bandits outside the Earth Temple.

"Greetings, my dear bandit friend. I assume you are a bandit; you had a key to get in. Can I interest you in some of these... *special* wares? I am sure you will find them most intoxicatingly sublime."

Item Price (G)
Yellow Fairy 40,000
Green Fairy 40,000
Blue Fairy 40,000
Purple Fairy 40,000
Red Fairy 40,000
★ Eldritch Key 8,000


Crime Control

Speak to the guard at the slum, and he will ask you for help to kill 20 Thugs. Upon doing so you will be rewarded with the Dreamstone #4 and Jacques will also award you with a medal for helping.


  • Many of the natives of Aeropolis are incredibly racist or at least biased (though they don't mind getting money from people regardless of their race), as seen by the shopkeeper dialouge. According to one of the NPCs, some of them "[will not] drink milk because it's white"
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