Abyss is a family of beasts in Beast Signer. Its members have Dark as their primary element and Water as their secondary.

Elemental Resistance

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There is no in-game data for the Stage 2 Magic form, the Stage 3 Power-Magic form, the Stage 3 Balance-Power form, the Stage 3 Balance-Magic form, the Stage 3 Magic-Power form, the Stage 3 Magic-Magic form, the Stage 3 Weak form, the Stage 4 Power form, the Stage 4 Magic form, the Stage 4 Other form, the Stage 5 Power form, and the Stage 5 Magic form. Additionally, stage 3, 4 and 5 beasts cannot be obtained.


  • Abyss is the only category that cannot be created by merging two signable beasts. As such, unless the player begins the game with a Umbral or Droplet beast, this category cannot be accessed until the third generation, making it the most difficult beast category to create.
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