Aalia Kitregis El-Aureliae is a character in MARDEK. She is the generic white mage of the World's Saviours. She appears to be able to use emoticons in speech.


The typical healing-magic-casting Princess of the World's Saviours. She seems a bit dim, but is probably in love with Bartholio, because that would be just typical, wouldn't it?


Aalia seems to be a caring but somewhat dim-witted person, similar to Mardek himself.


Aalia first appeared in Chapter 2 in the Tainted Grotto with the World's Saviours, searching for the legendary Elemental Crystals and later in Cambria alongside the Saviours as the final round of the Arena. She reappears in chapter 3, fighting alongside Bartholio, Vennie and Bernard to reclaim the Fire Crystal from Mardek's group in the Fire Temple. She plays the role of Princess Elma in Akhmed Wobblescimitare's play. Elma's role in the play is similar to the Princess in the beginning and Emela in the later parts of the play, but more 'generic'.


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Similar to Mardek, Aalia's abilities are mostly defensive, using healing and shielding abilities on her allies. Unlike Mardek, she lacks a solid offensive repetoire and is almost powerless (though durable) by herself. Information on Aalia's techniques can be found here.

In the battle where Aalia joins your party, she has swapped out her Mind Crystal for a Sapphire Bangle (and so her SPR is 31) but has otherwise the same items equipped as when you last fought her, but her base stats have changed: she now has a base STR of 10, VIT of 11, SPR of 24 and AGL of 17. However, she is much weaker than when fought: she has only 550 HP (and 272 MP) at level 26 with you compared with 2244 HP (and 194 MP) when fought at level 24.



  • She speaks entirely in chatspeak. Surprisingly, she speaks exceptionally normally as Elma during the play.
  • Her last name, Aureliae, references Aurelia, a white mage who appeared in Deliverance. It can also mean 'angel'.

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