Many signers, upon hearing the name of this beast, laugh and gloat about how harmless a 9mm-long kiwi must be. They're often shocked upon finding out how wrong they were. Then shot.

In-game description

The 9mm Kiwi is the Stage 2 power form of the Fairy group.


The 9mm Kiwi has the appearance of a Kiwi bird, but with large wings the size of its body.


9mm Kiwi cannot be found in the wild. They are not used by any enemy signers, except for those participating in the Random Tournament.


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9mm Kiwi learn Pebble Shot, a Gun-type technique. They can also use any Gun or Avian techniques that their ancestors learned.


A 9mm Kiwi can be evolved from a Sprighte. It cannot evolve again.


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