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• 12/28/2018

Motion to remove the 'strategies' page from MARDEK

Before you shoot me down here, hear me out: Replace it with a few sentences on each page for the enemy. Maybe also a paragraph for each area (especially Cambria). This would allow better coverage of strategies, but also an easier way to tell what hasn't been strategized yet.

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• 6/27/2018

Motion to make consumable category(ies)

If I'm not mistaken, there are no categories allowing people to distinguish between healing items and the others. I'd like to make a few more categories to help make the wiki more accesible, but I'm not sure if there is something already in place for that. 
Consumable MARDEK Items: (A fairly wide description, ranges from Potted Catcus to FigJuice, but excludes solely crafting items such as Goblin Earwax)
Crafting MARDEK Items: (Includes any item used in crafting such as in Blacksmithing, potion brewing or making Inventions. So some equipment like Candriathropes will be here, but God Piss won't.)
Healing MARDEK Items: (Items used to heal or remove status conditions. Phoenix Down, Potions, Ethers, etc.)
Offensive MARDEK Items: (Items used to attack. Potted Cactus and the throwable element bottle quartet.)

Sound good? I will gladly spend a few hours putting most of these in place, but I'd like to double check first. These should make the wiki significantly easier to access and navigate.
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• 5/4/2015

Preparing for the new MARDEK series

According to Pseudolonewolf's recent blog posts, the first two episodes of his new MARDEK series might be released this month! Though exciting, this news also presents a problem to Figverse Wiki: the way our information is organized doesn't leave much room for a Continuity Reboot. Either we need to dispose of the "outdated" MARDEK stuff once the new series starts, or we need to find a way for the two of them to coexist.

I think we can safely agree that there are already at least two "versions"1 of MARDEK:

The 2007 "versions" of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.
The 2010 "versions" of Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.
At the moment, we have almost no information about 2007!MARDEK. In order to make Figverse Wiki more inclusive, and make room for the upcoming 2015!MARDEK, I think we should begin to rename our existing MARDEK information. For example...

MARDEK (Series) → MARDEK (2010)
Items (MARDEK) → Items (MARDEK 2010)
Articles without "name tags", as I like to call them, would only need to be updated if a new article has a conflicting name. For instance, Governance de Magi would be split into Governance de Magi (MARDEK 2007) and Governance de Magi (MARDEK 2010). My proposal would also introduce a swath of new disambiguations, to help people find the correct pages.
What do you guys think?

People like Michos and DeeKayFTW previously... complained about phrases like "version", since "[m]ost of Pseudolonewof's games followed a development path so bizarre, that it is really hard to define where one game starts and another game ends" (source).
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• 2/28/2015

Mission statement

We've talked this subject to death, so I'll be brief: Figverse Wiki needs a mission statement, a short sentence that summarizes our overarching goals. This will appear on our main page, and (as the name suggests) should be the basis for every edit we make moving forward. Every article, category, template, and policy should be based on this one sentence. Here's my proposal:

Figverse Wiki aims to be the definitive reference for all of Pseudolonewolf's fictional universes, including games and other works set there.
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• 2/28/2015

Notification templates

Figverse Wiki has a ton of "notification" templates—those little boxes that tell you if an article is too short, or if you're on a disambiguation page—and they're all either out-of-date, poorly written, or just plain ugly. I'm working on a Lua module to unify this diverse lot (you can find the code here, and some examples here), but I need some feedback before I can finish. Specifically, what notifications do you think this wiki needs?
I'd appreciate hearing any other comments you have, too!
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• 2/23/2015

It runs on Snowflake!

So... What's up, people? How are you doing on this barren wasteland that has been abandoned by the very existence that has provided us with life?
Since this wikia's populace is slowly dying (y'know, if the developers of a game ain't saying anything, no one's gonna come, unless MARDEK II gets a badge of the day on Kongregate) and the general interest of the Fig Hunter games is dropping there is only one way to save it. I mean, there could be a couple more, but it's my idea and I'm a genius, so we're gonna listen to my idea first. The average age of a person who played MARDEK is between 12 and 20 years old, right? Let's say half of them are not normie casuals and live in their basements forgetting about their lives and wandering in virtual worlds looking for happiness or something. Now, majority of them are autists who spend whole days filling up sites like with their crap, looking for praise for their work. What games do they enjoy most (probably)? Sandboxes and RPGs. RPGs where they are given multiple options in various decisions, so they can self insert themselves into the game for their character to act like them. Those RPGs are usually non-linear. Unlike MARDEK. It is a closed engine with a plot hardcoded into it. But is it unmodifiable[1]?
So here I declare my suggestion & improvement:
For a price of being happy even you can touch the power of the gods that has been used to, well, DO many things and play around, may SOLAK bless you.
My ideas are:

Technical annotations in the infoboxes, providing basic information like entity names, character models, etc.
Lists of maps, names of maps, what palettes do they use and so on
TUTORIALS, aw yes, tutorials. The ideal order would be for it to start living its own life, so we would provide you, mere mortals, with means of modifying the game on your own, bestowing the previously mentioned power of the gods upon you, so you would become independent from us.
Basic tutorials could be something like modifying existing playable characters, NPC creation, item modification, attack techniques creation, mapping, programming basic entities and creating dialogues.
The only person more fluent in speaking Snowflake is Michos (and I don't know anyone worse enough than me), so we could create templates and categories, plus basic entity classification and a couple of standard terms to be used, the rest would be up to the users.
Since even I do know some of the laws and manners, the distribution of such modifications would be happening on The Archive, which is still technically developer's site and I don't think any discussion there would be illegal, since the STEELE RPG thread still exists (the only problem would be users who don't have accounts there, we would have to collaborate or think of something entirely different). The Kongregate staff has been informed of it and we're still expecting an answer from them, although I can see their reluctance, after reading "yeah, we modified one of the games you sponsored without author's consent and we've put it on the ancient archive of his site".
And yes, it[2] is[3] possible[4].
Let us save the Fig Hunter gaming community with creation...
Now I want to hear why all of what I just wrote is illegal, cheating, hacking and just plain wrong.
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• 12/22/2014

Beast Signer vs. Beast Signer Alpha

In order to clean up Figverse Wiki a bit, I think we should differentiate between Beast Signer and Beast Signer Alpha. Basically:

Beast Signer Alpha is the game that you can play here.
Beast Signer was never released.
Similarly, I think we should differentiate between Miasmon and Miasmon Prototype. Basically:

Miasmon Prototype is the game that you can play here.
Miasmon was never released.
Right now we sort of treat Beast Signer and Beast Signer Alpha as the "same game" (but not exactly), which makes things really messy and hard to work with. Ideally, Beast Signer Alpha would have its own rich category, like Category:MARDEK. Then we could trim Beast Signer down to one page and a few images, with information about its development or whatever. Miasmon and Miasmon Prototype are in a similar boat.
To get things started, I moved Category:Beast Signer into Category:Unreleased Games, and made a new category called Category:Beast Signer Alpha. The Beast Signer Alpha category is empty right now, because everything is in the Beast signer category instead. If you guys could look through and let me know what belongs where, that'd be great.
The above paragraph is (more-or-less) true for Category:Miasmon and Category:Miasmon Prototype as well.

I really don't feel up to a huge debate/discussion right now, sorry. :(
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• 6/20/2014

Community Discussions 3

Contents[show]Post #1, written by DarthKitty
Hey everyone, welcome back! Where have you guys been? You mean I vanished mysteriously?? What are you talking about, I've been here the whole time!!
...Joking aside, it's good to be back. I've been busy in realityland for the past month and I've been watching One Piece, so I didn't have enough time to write a super-detailed response. I didn't completely neglect Figverse Wiki, though!
Anyway, I made a new thread since our previous one has almost 100 posts now. Our goal remains the same: to discuss and implement a series of sweeping changes across the wiki.

Where we are
In the past six months, we went through two threads, and wrote 172 posts discussing the future of this wiki. So what do we have to show for it?

We agreed to a new name.
We agreed to a new purpose.
We wrote a new content policy.
We made a lot of mockups.
We agreed to change our organization.
We started to develop a visual style.
The path forward
As far as I can tell, we only have three problems left: granularity, writing style, and visual style. Based on those things (and Firecrow's awesome "path forward" post), I came up with a general plan:
Our goal is to give our wiki structure, to make it fast and easy to use. Giving our users navigation will help, but it won't be very useful without some sort of page hierarchy—a logical system that we use to organize our pages. It's hard to find your way around a labyrinth, even if you have the map.
In order to create a page hierarchy, we have to break our content into groups. Our first problem is, we haven't decided how we want to do that. What we need is a rule or guideline, something that answers the question: When does something deserve its own page? In other words, we need to discuss Granularity.
Once we've answered that question, we can start updating our content. This is why we made all of those mockups. Our second problem is, we haven't quite decided how pages should be written. Once again, we need a set of rules, a Manual of Style. We have something like that now, but it's so outdated that everybody ignores it.
When all of that is done, we can update our navboxes, our main page, and our site navigation. The rest of our navigation (search, disambiguation pages, and categorization) will be up-to-date before then. That's when we'll discuss additional features, too. Things like chat, an arena, or featured content.
Along the way, we should experiment with different visual styles! We've taken our first step forward, with things like Template:Alert and the brand-new Template:Infobox. We still need to standardize our colors and what-have-you, but the best way to do that is to experiment.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this problem, and I have a proposition:

We should divide our content according to series.
If something spans multiple series, each should get its own page.
There should be no "general" pages.
Disambiguation pages and Hatnotes should help users navigate.
If something does not come from a series, it should not be included.
Manual of style
In order to make writing a manual of style easier, we made a ton of mockups:

Navigation Lists: Enemies (MARDEK), Items (MARDEK), Quests (MARDEK)
Detail Summary Lists: Weapons (Deliverance)
Comparison Lists: Helmets/List
Enemies: Ghoul, Temperance
Levels: Goznor
Skills: Lightning Bolt, HP+10%
Characters: Mardek Innanu El-Enkidu
Items: YalortianAmulet (MARDEK), Potion (MARDEK)
Quests: Shaman's Brew, Slay the Mighty Dragon!
Soundtracks: Soundtrack (MARDEK)
Status Effects: Poison (MARDEK)
Disambiguations: Topaz, Topaz, Topaz, Topaz
Based on these (and possibly others), I started writing a new manual of style. It's very preliminary, but what do you think? We might want to make mockups for:

Replacements for pages in Category:Clarence's Big Chance Gameplay Elements
SMECOF2005X Stuff?
Our previous two threads got really long, and were hard to navigate. You had to scroll for weeks if you wanted to go to, say, the end of the thread. There's a simple solution, but I need your help. Please put this code at the start of each post:

==Post #n, written by user==

MediaWiki will add a table of contents to the top of my post, which people can use to jump around the thread.

I'd write more, but that would probably take me another month or three. Feel free to ask me any questions (obviously), because I probably left something out!
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• 5/12/2014

Help Wanted: Partial Transparency

I'm trying to make a slow-cycling .gif of the Deliverance undefined item icon. However, there's a couple of frames with partial transparency, and being rather inept at image manipulation, I have no idea how to add it.
I have properly sized and cropped images of the frames in question. I'm looking for someone reasonably skilled with image editing who can extract them from the background so I can assemble the .gif.
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• 4/18/2014

Beast Signer Alpha - Cheat Menu and "Useless" items

I don't know if you wikia people have this information already, but BS Alpha has a cheat menu, pretty much like Deliverance has. The command is Alt + C, and you can use the GetItem command to get all those "unobtainable" items on the game. I'm not sure about other commands, as I didn't bother looking through Deliverance's cheats and trying each one, but you can get even Energy Discs L4 this way.
I am not sure if beasts can be found with this cheat menu, and I think it's unlikely. However, given the amount of beasts that were coded, but cannot be acessed in the Alpha, there might be a command for that too (Although I'd say these beasts would be glitched without tomorrow).
Another important topic - was I the only one to really play the Alpha here? The wikia page states that items like the BronzeClaw, YewWand and the others are "unusable". That's because you don't equip it to your SIGNER. You equip them ON YOUR BEASTS.
In each beasts' menu, you can check their status, techniques used and learned, and a tab named "items". There you can equip stuff to add points. Each of these items work exactly as intended, but they can only be used by the beasts, silly fillies! Bet you all tried to attach them to the signers, myes?
I'm going to edit the Items section and add info about these items; I'm unsure about the Cheats, though, so you guys can decide if you'll put that in the Alpha main page or elsewhere.
And to close this message, Arkizard is OP.
That is all.
-NeroZero-BR (talk) 18:24, April 18, 2014 (UTC)
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• 3/31/2014

We Need a New Name

We are at a crossroads. In at least three weeks, Alora Fane: Creation will be released. At that time, Pseudolonewolf will presumably sever all ties with Fig Hunter, the site we were named after. At that time, he will move to his new site, Alora Fane. At that time, our name will be meaningless.
We need a new name.

A New Name
We've discussed this twice, and twice we've agreed on a name:
There are a few reasons for this particular name:

Flexibility: We invented the word "Figverse," and we can expand its definition in the future, if we need to.
Neutrality: We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Pseudolonewolf. By using a unique name, we respect his rights.
Accuracy: We cover a broad range of things, many of which have no obvious connection. The "Figverse" ties them all together.
Originality: Try searching for the word "Figverse." ;p
You realize what this means, of course: we will have to make changes. Specifically:

Our URL.
Our Sitename.
Some Namespaces.
Some categories.
Some links.
Wikia will help with the most difficult of these: our URL, Sitename, and Namespaces. You don't need to worry about people getting lost on their way here, either: Wikia will redirect to if we ask them to. We should be able to handle the rest.

Why did you make this thread, Darth?
Wikia wants to respect individual communities; they'll want to make sure you guys are fine with these changes, before they implement them. After all, what if I'm an evil administrator who wants to force changes on you guys without your consent?
To make things easier for Wikia staff, I figured it would be a good idea to dedicate a thread to this issue. Therefore, even if you've already agreed to this name change in the past, I would really appreciate it if you posted your support again.
I will contact Wikia in, say... one week. Hopefully that will give you guys enough time to read this message, and post your thoughts.
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• 2/17/2014

CDT II: Electric Boogaloo

Previously on Community Discussions Thing...

‘I like your idea, but change everything.’
‘I don't really like this idea. Then again, I don't really hate this idea either, so I guess we should do it.’
‘Hey Darth, just say the word and I'll take over the wiki for you. I'll do a great job, I promise!’
‘Yeah, fuck people who are worse off than us!’
‘We should build a nuclear bunker, in case one of those raindrops is actually a bomb.’
‘I'm here too.’
—Some guy
‘do you know how i can contact pseudolonewolf? i have these cool tanks...’
—Steampower penguin
‘Now,seriously,THIS NAME IS OUR IDENTITY!Thousands of people have seen it,and they would be deluded if it was named FIgverse,and,on the other side,this site depends ENTIRELY on Fig Hunter,because it wouldn't even exist if Pseudolonewolf hadn't made everything,we must respect him.THIS NAME IS WHAT THIS SITE IS!,also.’
...And now, the conclusion.
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• 12/4/2013

Community Discussions Thing

I meant to have this up yesterday, but it took longer to write than I expected. Sorry for the delay, everyone!

In this thread, we will discuss several large-scale changes to Figverse Wiki. To keep things simple, we will discuss one change at a time. The goal of each discussion is to come to an agreement on a course of action before taking action. Otherwise, we might end up fixing the same thing seven different times, in seven different ways.
"Measure twice, cut once."

Contents[show]What are we discussing, and why?
There are two overarching ideas behind these discussions: first, Figverse Wiki needs to update its standards and policies to be clear, and consistent; and second, Figverse Wiki needs to become more community-oriented in order to attract and keep new editors, and in order to remain autonomous. To these ends, we will be discussing the following:

The name "Fig Hunter Wiki" is inaccurate and misleading.
Aesthetic Standards
Figverse Wiki needs to be visually unique, consistent, and usable.
Content Policy
Figverse Wiki's content policy is vague, and doesn't mention hacked content or leaks.
Manual of Style
Figverse Wiki's manual of style is vague, confusing, and otherwise weak.
Spoiler Policy
Figverse Wiki does not have a spoiler policy.
Community Features
How can Figverse Wiki improve its community?
If you want to suggest a discussion, please let me know on my message wall.

I came from Fig Hunter, how can I help?
You can help Figverse Wiki by taking part in these discussions. You don't have to create an account, and you don't have to learn how to program. All I ask is that you follow three simple steps:

Check back here every day or two.
Read what people have to say.
Voice your own opinion.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here.

Discussion 1: Name
Our first discussion is a simple one: should this wiki change its name?

Why would we change our name?
Names are important. Names separate things, making those things unique. Names also hint at the purpose of things. An important question to ask when dealing with names is, "What does this name say about this thing?"
So what does the name "Fig Hunter Wiki" say? It can say one of three things:

This is a wiki, and part of Fig Hunter.
This is a wiki, and owned by Fig Hunter.
This is a wiki, and about Fig Hunter.
Obviously, none of those things are true. Figverse Wiki is not part of Fig Hunter because it is not owned or maintained by Pseudolonewolf. It is not owned by Fig Hunter for the same reason. Figverse Wiki is not about Fig Hunter either, or there would be an article on each of its members.
So why is it called "Fig Hunter Wiki"?

My opinion
The answer is simple: it shouldn't be. The name "Fig Hunter Wiki" is inaccurate, as I have demonstrated, and misleading, since it doesn't have much to do with our content.
I think a better name for this wiki is "Figverse1 Wiki." Why?

It's short.
It agrees with this wiki's Content Policy2.
It demonstrates that this wiki is autonomous.
It contains the word "Fig," for legacy's sake.
What would change?
The name of the wiki. Wikia will do this for us.
A few namespaces3. Wikia will do this for us.
A few categories. Wikia might4 do this for us.
A bunch of links. Wikia might4 do this for us.
The url, from to figverse.wikia.com5. Wikia will do this for us.
What do you think about this wiki's name? What is your opinion on the proposed name change?

1The "Figverse" is a term made-up by this wiki to easily refer to all of the places where Pseudolonewolf's games are set.
2The content policy says, "Content on Figverse Wiki ... must pertain to the Figverse".
3For example, Fig Hunter Wiki:Content Policy would become Figverse Wiki:Content Policy.
4We might need to change category names and/or fix links ourselves.
5Links to would automatically redirect to, so people who try to go to the former will still end up at the latter.
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• 12/3/2013


So, I've noticed one thing this Wiki reaaaaaaaaally lacks: aesthetics.

Overall Design
So, judging my the logo and background, I think the "Wiki colour" is purple, right? If that's so, I think the colour of all default links should be changed from blue to purple (there's a way to do this on Wikia but I forgot how) cos that just makes everything nice and pretty :P
Another point to make is the background. So far, the gradient doesn't work very nicely so I'll list a few ideas I have for a background: (Feel free to vote on them or nominate your own ideas)

Elements: Icons of the eight elements in the Astrostles galaxy can appear in a chain on one side of the page and icons of the elements in the Alora Fane galaxy can appear on the other.
Characters: Randomly choose a selection of MARDEK, CBC and Raider characters to scatter around.
Logos: Make a repeated pattern of logos of each game (so a MARDEK, CBC, Raider logo each).
Note: I vote on the Elements idea.

The Home Page
Currently, the home page is in a stage where it's about to come to life but it's just not quite there yet. All the building blocks are there but it's just missing a few key factors. The first thing that needs to be done is include colour. Ways you can do this is colour each game tab according to their "game colour". So CBC would get light purple background and pink trim, MARDEK would get light brown background and gold trim etc.
Also, the way the Stats, News, Policies and Poll are all tabbed together hide good info and don't really work. Assuming we eventually get a Featured Article and "Cambridge Arena" going, a rough idea of the main page can be found here:
But with colour.

Every game needs its own "theme colours". For example, Mardek's would be gold and brown, CBC would be purple and pink etc. This will help when we need to personalise pages to suit games (like in navigation templates and stuff).
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• 11/27/2013


So, here's an idea that I've seen: suites
These things would be templates that link closely related pages together much easier. So for example, on character pages, like Gloria, you can use a suite that go at the top and look something like this (I tried to make it into a box by the way):
Gloria | Gameplay | Quotes 
These would go on ALL pages too (so at the top of the main article, gameplay article AND quotes article)
So using these would allow us to get rid of all those sections where all that's in them is something like (for a page of [blah blah bah], see this) which I reaaaally don't like, personally. For characters it can be used to link the standard article (mainly filled with plot details), a gameplay article (used to detail the character's stats, resistances, what items they can use etc.) and the quotes article (it can also be called a transcript if you want). 
These can also be used for things like levels in CBC, areas in MARDEK and other stuff too.
So thoughts?
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