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• 6/10/2017

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet?

I don't know if this wiki is still active, but I'm new here, (I just rediscovered MARDEK) and I keep seeing this long string of red text everywhere, and I have literally no idea why. Is it some vandalism thing? Because it appears to be replacing some pretty important stuff.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.
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• 12/24/2014

Beast Signer Alpha: Types

What do types do in Beast Signer Alpha? I know that they restrict techniques, and I know that they (supposedly) modify Unholy Chant and Holy Avenger, but do they do anything else?
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• 9/27/2014

Crisis on Infinite Fanes

Good morning, campers!
I, the one hated by the some of you, loved by the rest, have come here to start a discussion with... five? -or so people still on this wiki.
It is not a big secret that Cornwall-kun started screwing up the entire universe by introducing this whole Alora thingy; what he did was dividing it to two different settings: the one still (or up to some time ago) being derived from the original Fig Hunter game, and the pocket dimension worlds of whatever based on his 'lonely uruhu' fanfictions about sentimental elements living in deers and tiny dinosaurs. point being:
Pseudolonewolf wants to recreate the entire MARDEK series, retconning (?) basically everything what happened, even the names of some characters. Since this wiki is on the level of Memory Alpha and Stargate Command (we too have a weird name, forgot what it was, though) and DarthKitty LOVES policies (he's been talking about them all the time in the past (because we needed them like hell!)), what will be our official stance about the incoming series of Pseudolonewolf's mystical adventures? It is confirmed he wants to move the MARDEK series into Alora Fane.
So, we have:

The original Fig Hunter Universe
The Alora Fane Universe
But that's not all! We have to remember that, as I mentioned in another thread, Pseudo was using some of his previous ideas and integrating them into new projects without actually stating that they became non-canon. But if we assume they did, we have a kinda bigger pool to choose from. We have:

The original, unchanged with slight retcons fixing tiny plot holes, Fig Hunter Universe, stretching from the original Fig Hunter game to the first unfinished Miasmon
The Fig Hunter Universe consisting only of games released by Pseudolonewolf and the ones he claims the existence of (id est Pre-Deliverance Game Thing doesn't exist there, but Raider Zero and Beast Signer do)
The 'realized' Fig Hunter Universe consisting only of the games actually released by Pseudolonewolf as final products (MARDEK I, MARDEK II, MARDEK III, Raider I, Raider II, Clarence's Big Chance)
The Alora Fane Universe

It's actually the same! As in the original Fig Hunter Universe and Alora Fane Universe! Something something pocket dimension! A giant pile of gibberish that needs a YALORT singularity to fix it completely.
Which one do we pick? THAT's the policy this wiki needs, not some weird stuff about 'hacking' a game after a year or whatever.
It is not uncommon for wikis to have multiple types of content there (for example generations of a franchise, comic book series, animated series, vidya and so on), we could do the same thing. I suggest we pick the universes being worthy of describing and use the same system other wikis are using to divide them.
For example:

Mardek Innanu El-Enkidu (Fig Hunter) and Mardek Innanu El-Enkidu (Alora Fane)
Francis Marmalade (Fig Hunter) and Francis Marmalade (Alora Fane)
Also, speaking of Dreamquest, this site kinda bothers me. Fig Hunter Online was a separate project clearly belonging to the Fig Hunter Universe with its own system, its own soundtrack, and you guys basically put an 'Alora Fane!' sticker on it, even though it's an entirely different thing and only kinda resembles the original project. I still have the two beta versions of FHO, I've been playing with the machine code pretty often couple of months ago and it really only needs some polishing to become the final product, so I think it deserves its own site. And, regarding Dreamquest:

05/10/2013 19:25 699,514 DreamQuest v0.9.0.1.swf
05/12/2013 18:21 705,883 DreamQuest v0.9.0.2.swf
05/14/2013 22:25 724,549 DreamQuest v0.9.0.3.swf
05/16/2013 15:51 721,905 DreamQuest v0.9.0.4.swf
05/18/2013 18:31 4,753,391 DreamQuest v0.9.0.5.swf
05/19/2013 14:23 4,543,657 DreamQuest v0.9.0.6.swf
05/20/2013 22:24 4,587,605 DreamQuest v0.9.0.7.swf
05/22/2013 19:00 4,405,862 DreamQuest v0.9.0.8.swf
05/25/2013 22:08 5,094,565 DreamQuest v0.9.0.9.swf
05/25/2013 22:08 5,094,565 DreamQuest v0.9.1.1.swf
08/14/2013 09:35 8,006,875 DreamQuest v0.9.1.10.swf
08/17/2013 14:19 8,009,887 DreamQuest v0.9.1.11.swf
08/22/2013 19:24 8,152,638 DreamQuest v0.9.1.12.swf
10/20/2013 14:08 8,169,490 DreamQuest v0.9.1.13.swf
05/27/2013 19:32 5,155,351 DreamQuest v0.9.1.2.swf
05/29/2013 23:30 5,191,512 DreamQuest v0.9.1.3.swf
06/14/2013 16:21 5,333,438 DreamQuest v0.9.1.4.swf
06/29/2013 10:06 6,421,836 DreamQuest v0.9.1.5.swf
08/02/2013 23:55 6,422,042 DreamQuest v0.9.1.6.swf
08/08/2013 14:12 7,894,276 DreamQuest v0.9.1.7.swf
08/12/2013 15:00 7,897,676 DreamQuest v0.9.1.8.swf
08/13/2013 22:57 7,943,065 DreamQuest v0.9.1.9.swf
12/10/2013 13:16 9,152,213 DreamQuest v0.9.2.14.swf
12/11/2013 14:09 9,152,576 DreamQuest v0.9.2.15.swf
12/15/2013 23:01 9,152,677 DreamQuest v0.9.2.16.swf

I would love to include them later on some progress pages or something, but wiki's policy probably prevents me from doing so. As I said, it is an entirely different thing.
Yoshi! That's all I wanted to say for today.
Also, TLDR: I had a bad morning and started questioning my life.
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• 8/3/2014

Miasmon Research

Soon, I may do a run-through Miasmon and record notes as I play. Here's a list of things I'll be writing down:

Trainers (name, "type" [Average Girl, Flower Girl etc.], arsenal, monster names + levels)
Treasure (this will be just a list of what is in each area; there are no maps for me to add treasure locations)
Areas (what NPCs, trainers, monsters and treasures are there)
Monsters (starting stats [from blue Mias-machine], body types, skills [from Mias-machine "swap skill" list], evolution families, elemental resistances from Miasmon stat screen)
Is there anything else I should be noting?
Also, does anyone know how exactly these things works:

Totems: In my playthrough, I got the Water Totem and turned a Cyannymph into a Sirennymph and a Protonculus into a Hydrosimos. I'm guessing certain monsters can be activated by certain totems and the totemnal evolutions follow a path separate from the normal Essent-Transient evolution routes. Can anyone verify this?
Skills: In the Bestiary, if you select a monster, you can press the left and right arrowkeys to switch between four tabs. The first contains the usual image + description, the second and third contain a list of skills, and the fourth is unreachable. I assume that the list of skills on tab 2 is for the Tier-1 options and the list of skills on tab 3 is Tier-2 options. The first gauntlet you get only lets you go up to level 10 so you can't access the Tier-3 options but if you were able to, the fourth tab would contain its skill list. Am I correct here?
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• 7/24/2014

Finding the old Fighunter

I'm aware that many people have already tried to recover this game already but I decided to have one last crack at it. Now, here's where I got up to:
After some digging, I found this page, which is where the Fighunter game was hosted once upon a time. The problem is that the actual game files have been moved elsewhere. The page I linked to embeds a link to "" which I presume is where the game files were once hosted. Unfortunately, that page no longer exists so Pseudo must've deleted the website page or moved it to another name that no one knows. I decided to share my findings with you guys in case any of you get more ideas.
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• 4/17/2014

AFC Release

According to his last blog post, PSW was going to release AFC in around three weeks. Three weeks has past and we haven't got a peep of information yet. I'm curious to whether something happened to postpone its release date so let's wait and see!
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• 3/2/2014

What is a crit? A miserable little pile of secrets!

(I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.)
So I was looking around the wiki, and I noticed that there's no information about how critical hits are calculated! I'm especially interested in MARDEK, but information about other games would be fine, too.
In particular, I want to know whether critical hits in MARDEK...

Increase ATK for the duration
Increase STR for the duration
Ignore or decrease DEF for the duration
Increase damage by a fixed amount for the duration
Increase damage by a percentage for the duration
Increase damage by a variable amount for the duration
Increase damage according to an equation for the duration
...Or do something else entirely! That is to say, if an enemy's DEF is ≥ my ATK, and I get a crit, will I deal damage?
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• 1/7/2014

Astral Magic Questions

Hi all! I've been looking at Solaar's ability page for the past couple of minutes, and I have 2 questions:

Is Astral Form self-target only? Or can I cast it on say Mereardor for the support value?
Also, what is it that makes... Um... Name... Galactic something, the star attack! What is it that makes that so much better than Solar Flare to cost 50 MP? FIFTY!
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• 11/23/2013

Flash Save Data

So, I want to transfer my MARDEK save data from Kongregate to since FH is generally less laggy in my experience but I can't find the save files in my directory. I went to 
C:\Users\Sayeed\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\ERC562L8
in my directory but I can't find the chat.kongegate... folder and I don't know what the fighunter website's folder name is called. I have a CBC save on the FH site and many saves on Kongregate btw.
Can someone advise me on how to find the chat.kongregate folder and the FH's folder name please? If you don't know about the kongregate name, I can work with just the FH's name. Thanks!
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• 11/11/2013

Fig Resistances?

Hello all, this is my first post here. A question about the Fig element (Mardek): what monsters have resistances to Fig attacks? Just two of the 3 Fig-typed monsters? Or is there more?
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