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• 6/4/2016

Fate of the Wiki

Hello, everyone! My name's Will, and I have recently been using this wikia a lot. Hopefully someone reads this, as it would be a shame to hear that this wikia is officially dead.
First of all, whoever did all of the MARDEK pages, I would like to say thank you! It has been very helpful for me in completing my adventure.
So is this really dead? No one has posted in a year, and there was no official "goodbye" or anything. I mean, no one has been posting anything about the new MARDEK games, (or Taming Dreams, or whatever he calls it now.)
Does anyone know any active MARDEK, Fig Hunter, or other forums? I've been trying to see any life in the old MARDEK games, as they were a huge part of my childhood. I mean, I know Alora Fane is a thing, but it's just not the same.
Finally, I would like to offer my assistance to anyone who needs me to edit any pages, especially the new ones.
Thanks for reading! Hopefully at least someone is still reading this wiki!
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• 4/10/2015


Like many others, I've been following Pseudo's posts on his Alora Fane blog and I'm finding his ideas really interesting! I am almost certain that the new MARDEK will be better than the old one, since I'm the dude who gets through RPGs for the juicy cutscenes in betweens. Also, I really don't like grinding and lots of the same turn-based combat because I tire of it. I find most of Pseudo's plot and character details intriguing but the mottos could do with some polishing up (they try too hard to be sophisticated and unique, that they end up quite clumsy)
What's everyone else's thoughts on the new MARDEK? Looking forward to it or hate it?
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• 4/3/2015

Fig Hunter is down

The Fig Hunter website ( has been broken for a couple of days now, and it will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for Figverse Wiki, all of the games (and most other information) that we could have lost are still available via the Wayback Machine; I've set up a bunch of links at User:DarthKitty/references, and you're welcome to add more if they're relivant.
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• 7/6/2014

Miasmon Prototype

It actually happened.
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• 11/18/2013

Fluid layout is arriving on December 4

Wikia has been talking about their new "Fluid layout" for about three months now, and they've finally put a release date on it: 4 December, 2013, about 16 days away. But what exactly is this "Fluid layout," and what does it mean for Figverse Wiki?

What's changing?
The phrase "Fluid layout" was coined by the Responsive web design movement that started ~2010. It describes a site which changes its size depending on the screen size of the person viewing it. In other words, a site with a "Fluid layout" gets bigger for people with bigger screens, and vice-versa. That's exactly what Wikia's Fluid layout will do.

Why does this matter?
A lot of wikis hosted by Wikia depend on its constant size for Templates and the like. The upcoming "Fluid layout" update will break many such templates, unless changes are made beforehand.

What about us?
Fortunately for Figverse Wiki, many of the required changes have already been made, so very little should break.
If you'd like to see the new Fluid layout in action, take a look at Runescape Wiki, League of Legends Wiki, or The Elder Scrolls Wiki.
Feel free to ask any questions about all of this below.
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• 11/12/2013

Fig Hunter Wiki is in a state of near-death

So now that you all have had some time to get used to the new forums, it's time to discuss serious stuff: plans and renovations and overhauls and the like. Before we try to solve this wiki's problems, however, we should assess what those problems are. One thing is evident, and should therefore be our starting point: Figverse Wiki is in a state of near-death. That's no hyperbole!

Contents[show]How did this happen?
Contributors are a wiki's lifeblood. Without contributors, a wiki will slowly dry up, and eventually die. That is exactly what's happening here: there are so few editors on Figverse Wiki that two weeks can pass without any change.
Of course, the solution to this problem is more complicated than "get more contributors." We can't just wave our hands and make people appear out of thin air. We have to convince people to come here, and in order to do that, we have to fix several smaller problems:

Figverse Wiki does not have many community features, so there's no reason for anybody to come here regularly. (That's why we have forums now.)
Figverse Wiki does not have many standards, so a lot of articles are confusing, inconsistent, too short, too ugly, or bad in some other way; newcomers are reluctant to edit because they don't know which way of editing is "right."
Most members of Fig Hunter, our biggest source of contributors, are either unaware of what happens here, or are afraid of editing because they think it will be too complicated.
Worst of all, our content is stale; it's been nearly three years since Pseudolonewolf released anything substantial or permanent. Without new content, readers (and potential contributors) will move on to newer, more exciting stuff.
What can we do about it?
There are a lot of things we can do about our current situation. TheFifteenthMember wrote an interesting report about things we could do to improve Figverse Wiki.
In my opinion, the most important things we can do to improve Figverse Wiki are (in order):

Get people, particularly from Fig Hunter, involved; and
Discuss standards as a community, and come to some conclusions.
These new forums will help with the former, as will some updates Wikia plans on releasing... eventually. The latter will take some dedication, some patience, and some diplomacy, but is, in my opinion, possible if we involve enough people.

Final thoughts
I think Figverse Wiki is in need of some critical examination, some serious thought, and some major changes. Straightening this wiki out is vital to its continued existence, so the sooner we start, the better.

Obviously, this is a forum, so replies are inevitable. Therefore, I would like you guys to respond to the following questions. Um, if you want.
What do you think Figverse Wiki needs to do in order to make a comeback? What should change? What should stay the same? Etc.?
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• 11/11/2013


Figverse Wiki now supports forums! For more information about forums, and how to use them, check out Help:Forum on Community Central.
If you have further questions or comments, feel free to reply to this thread, or comment on my message wall.
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